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"We are entering a period of new vitality for the Church, a period in which adult Catholic laity will play a pivotal leadership role in fulfilling the Christian mission of evangelization and transforming society.  For adults to fulfill their roles in this new era of the Church, their faith formation must be lifelong, just as they must continue to learn to keep up with the 
changing world."

Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us

Our Mission...
Greco Institute is a center for adult education. As an agency of the Diocese of Shreveport, Greco Institute receives its mission from the bishop, cooperates with all other agencies and coordinates all diocesan level adult education. Greco Institute provides a variety of programs throughout the diocese that foster among the Catholic faithful a comprehensive and integrated understanding of their faith that relates to their daily lives. 

Greco Institute also provides programs to develop the knowledge and skills needed to effectively respond to the needs of our church and of our society. 

Greco Institute receives its funding through contributions to the annual Diocesan Services Appeal. The institute does not charge a fee for its courses. Participants do pay for books and materials.


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